Is Moka Fang expecting a baby boy?

Netizens think that the Heavenly King’s wife is dropping hints online


Chinese model Moka Fang’s latest Instagram post of an innocuous-looking pomegranate is gaining attention online as netizens speculate if it is a hint about the gender of her unborn child with Hong Kong singer-actor Aaron Kwok.

According to a Chinese old wives’ tale, expectant mothers who crave for sour food will give birth to a baby boy, while those who crave for spicy food will welcome a baby girl. Thus, netizens have latched on to Moka’s latest post, taking it as a subtle confirmation from the 28-year-old that she’s expecting a boy.

A netizen commented, “Moka is from Anhui, China, where the people prefer spicier food. Since she’s showing a preference for sour food now, she must be hinting that she’s expecting a baby boy.”

A number of media outlets have also reported that Aaron’s mother was so happy to hear that she’ll be getting a grandson soon, she gave Aaron the go-ahead to reward Moka with HK$1 million (approximately S$170,000).

Aaron himself also refrained from confirming nor denying the news that Moka was expecting when he made an appearance at an event earlier, saying, “When the time is right, we will announce [the good news]. My mum also wishes to have a grandson.”

Aaron and Moka tied the knot in a surprise ceremony which was only revealed hours before it took place on April 18. The ceremony was a simple 10-table affair, with rumours spreading that Moka is currently three months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Photos: PBE Media

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