Is Wilber Pan’s rumoured girlfriend cheating on him?

The Taiwanese singer’s alleged beau was said to have behaved very intimately with another male

Wilber Pan

Rumours of Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan dating Bebe Yang, an heiress of a construction company in Taiwan, have been floating around for almost three years now. However, new claims of her cheating on the singer with a 40-year-old male called Jerry have just surfaced.

Speculations that Bebe was seeing someone on the side made headlines two days ago after vacation pictures of her and Jerry were circulated online. The pair were said to have travelled to various countries in September, including Singapore and Tokyo, and looked very close in their pictures.

What was more surprising was reports from Taiwanese media claiming that Jerry already had a serious girlfriend, who he was even in the midst of discussing marriage with.

In response to these statements, Bebe’s secretary has stepped out and said that “it is not wrong for her to have male friends who are in relationships,” and added that she was unclear about the heiress and Wilber’s status.

Wilber’s company, Warner Music Taiwan, did not confirm nor denied the rumours but simply said that they “would not discuss our artiste’s personal lives.”

Wilber was first linked to Bebe after being seen at her sister’s wedding in 2010. Bebe was also later spotted driving Wilber’s car in and out of his apartment three years ago, but he insisted that he simply lent his car to ‘a good friend.’ When addressing her, he would also always refer to her as his “classmate” or “childhood friend” and nothing further.

Photo: PBE Media

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