Jam Hsiao plays male lead in Jay Chou’s new film

Taiwanese rocker “wouldn’t have said yes” if he weren’t offered the role of male lead

Jam Hsiao and Jay Chou

The rumours are true: Jam Hsiao, 30, is the lead actor in an upcoming film produced by Jay Chou, 38.

In April this year, Jam was reported to be in talks to headline said movie when news of Jay’s next project made rounds. According to earlier reports, it will be a music-related film, just like Jay’s directorial debut project, Secret, and he will not be directing the movie.

Instead Jay will be producing the movie together with An Ching-hung, the producer of Taiwanese TV series Pandamen, which featured Jay as lead actor and director. Filming is expected to take place in Xiamen, China, although the production period has not been specified.

Male lead Jam confirmed the rumours himself in an interview with Taiwanese host Mickey Huang yesterday, where he revealed that he will be filming a new movie soon.

“Is Jay Chou producing the movie?” Mickey asked.

“It’s confirmed, but we don’t know when filming is going to begin,” Jam replied, later confirming that he will take on the role of male lead too. “If not, I wouldn’t have agreed to it,” he joked lightheartedly.

Fans are excited to see the two musicians, who are also good friends in real life, collaborate in this upcoming film.

Photos: PBE Media

Jam Hsiao to star in Jay Chou’s latest film?

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