Jam Hsiao proves he’s not a ‘cold-hearted’ person

This came after a fan of Jam Hsiao shared her thoughts and experience of her encounter with him

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao tickled his fans when he followed up with one fan’s comment about his cold personality in a witty Facebook post, showing he is anything but.

According to the fan, she managed to take a photo with the star after she encountered him by chance at a fashion event he was attending, but revealed that Jam treated her “very coldly” during that time.

Following her post, Jam responded in jest, highlighting several points she made and clarifying them personally.

Responding to her comment about his cold personality, he expressed, “I just can’t treat strangers with the same friendliness I treat my close friends.”

The fan also pointed out that the photo was intentionally taken at a low angle, and expressed her suspicion that it was Jam’s best photo angle. However, the singer refuted that observation and claimed, “I have no bad angles”  

As if to prove his point, two days later, Jam went back to the same spot to take more photos of himself and shared them on his Facebook.

“I’m back here at the same place that broke my heart,” he wrote, “And I’m checking to see if I appear cold. Turns out, I’m very passionate!”

He posted four selfies of himself in a variety of cheeky expressions, complete with adorable filters, leaving fans amused.

Photos: PBE Media

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