Janet Hsieh: Giving birth was the ‘scariest’ thing I’ve done

The host shared elaborate details of her birth on social media

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Taiwanese-American host Janet Hsieh shared detailed information about the birth of her first child—a baby boy—on Facebook yesterday, following 41 weeks of pregnancy.

The 37-year-old host welcomed a 3.65kg baby boy with her husband, Singapore-based actor George Young, at 2.37am on Oct 11 last week, after being in labour for 38 hours.

The new mother mentioned that after doing a lot of research, they decided to opt for a natural birth with “as little medical intervention as possible.” She further added that they checked themselves into the hospital on Oct 9 to induce labour as her due date was already delayed and the couple did not want to take any risks that came with a prolonged pregnancy.

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“Having a baby is a wonderful, yet absolutely terrifying thing, and you feel completely vulnerable when you are going through labour. To any moms out there about to deliver a baby, I won’t lie. It is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I have never been so nervous or scared about anything before,” wrote Janet.

She also thanked those that were by her side during her “most uncomfortable day” and revealed that George had cut the umbilical cord. She even cheekily compared her new-born son to an “alien” and told new mothers to “fly their birth plan out the closest window and wave goodbye to it” as it was not wise to be inflexible and rigid.

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Despite the long and difficult process, Janet could not contain her excitement to be a mother as she exclaimed in capital letters - “I’m a mommy!”

Janet first announced her pregnancy on April Fools’ Day this year but has continued participating in various events up till her birth.

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