Janet Hsieh stays active during pregnancy

The travel host still ‘does it’ with her husband


At seven months pregnant, Janet Hsieh is definitely an active mother-to-be. Other than attending media events, the Taiwanese actress and travel host continues to hike and swim regularly.

All the exercise must have paid off, as the actress was glowing and looked considerably svelte when she turned up at a media event on Tuesday (July 11). When asked if she was still ‘active’ in the bedroom with her husband, George Young, she admitted shyly, “Well, the doctor didn’t say no [to that], so yes”.


The 37-year-old actress shared that she has put on 10 kilograms since the first trimester, which caused her breasts to grow by two cup sizes. “I can’t wear my old lingerie anymore, they’re all half my current size”, she lamented.

With her due date approaching, she also revealed that she might be delivering the baby in Los Angeles instead of Taiwan as George might have to head back for work soon.  “I am still fit for travel until August 28, so we will make the decision by the 27th”, she said, adding that she intends to have her child take her Chinese surname. “[The baby] will take George’s last name in English then I want to have half too”, she said jokingly.

Janet and George announced they were expecting their first child on April Fool’s day, two years after they tied the knot. While they do not plan to find out the gender of their baby, they are hoping for a baby girl.

Photos: PBE Media/George Young's Instagram

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