Jay Chou celebrates 39th birthday with sports event

It was his wife, Hannah Quinlivan’s idea

Jay Chou celebrates 39th birthday with sports event

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou turns 39 on January 18, but celebrated his birthday in advance yesterday (Jan 11) at a sports event planned by his wife, Hannah Quinlivan.

The 24-year-old model-actress revealed on her Instagram that because she misses the sports events held in school, she decided to give the party a sports day theme, naming it “JAY CUP”.  Guests were split into team red and team black, with the red team representing Jay. 

Some guests include Nan Quan Mama’s Devon Song, as well as Taiwanese couple Johnny Yang and Beatrice Fang, with their daughter, Mia.

In a photo posted on Hannah’s Instagram, Hathaway, Jay and Hannah’s 2-year-old daughter, can be seen with her back to the camera and she sits on the floor hugging Mia. The back of her personalised red tracksuit bore the number 18, as a tribute to Jay’s birthdate.

Netizens have sent their birthday well-wishes to Jay as well, commenting that “Hathaway looks adorable, even from the back”.

Jay and Hannah married in January 2015 and have two children, Hathaway and Romeo.

Photo: PBE Media

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