Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan working hard for second child

The Mandopop star revealed that he hopes to have a son next


Mandopop star Jay Chou made an appearance at an event yesterday, where he revealed that he has more pictures of his daughter, Hathaway than pictures of his wife, Hannah Quinlivan.

However, the 37-year-old asserted that his wife was not jealous of their child, bringing to mind the recent comments by Hannah, who had revealed Jay’s sweet confession of putting her before anyone else.

Additionally, Jay also revealed that the couple has plans for a second child, and that he hopes to have a boy next, so that he can protect Hathaway, who will turn 1 next month.

Jay also gave an update on Hathaway’s development, sharing that the baby can recognise him now.

“Previously, I was working in China for a period of time, and when I came back, I called for Hathaway immediately. However, she barely glanced at me, before turning back to her toys. Now, she’s more familiar with me, and even raised her hands up when she saw me onscreen at the Hito Music Awards,” the proud father shared.

“Sometimes, however, when I see her playing on her own, it feels like she’s a little lonely, so I really want to have a second child quickly so she wouldn’t be alone,” he continued, sharing the reason behind the couple’s plans for a second child.

Currently, Jay’s schedule is also packed to the brim, as he is currently promoting the move, Now You See Me 2, which he appears in. He will also be releasing a new album, and embarking on a world tour this month, in addition to his current event appearances.

Photos: PBE Media

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