Jay Chou, Harlem Yu perform together

Harlem was the third guest of Jay’s concert tour

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Yesterday marked the last night of Taiwanese singer Jay Chou’s ‘The Invincible 2’ world tour in Taiwan. The tour spanned over the past four consecutive days at the Taipei Arena with various special guests invited to be on stage with Jay. The first two days kicked off with Jam Hsiao and JJ Lin respectively, with Harlem Yu being the third to make an appearance.

On Saturday (Sep 30), fans were greeted by the 56-year-old veteran singer, who questioned Jay’s choice of inviting him to be a guest star, given the 38-year-old’s younger fan base.  Jay was caught off guard and cheekily answered that he ‘cared about old people’ before quickly changing his answer to because ‘he respected the elderly.’

“I grew up listening to Harlem’s music since young and it has greatly influenced my musical style. I used to buy all his CDs which is also how I began rapping,’ revealed Jay.

The pair then sang two of Harlem’s songs together - ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ and ‘Passionate Desert.’ Jay also gave the audience a laugh when he said he would help the ‘old’ singer out when Harlem could not find his headset.

Jay’s wife, actress Hannah Quinlivan was also spotted since the first concert on Sep 28 but sat with her friends, in a different section from her mother-in-law. She posted a video of her and her good friend Beatrice Fang dancing backstage, with the two appearing to be having a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Jay and Hannah’s two children were too young to attend the concert. However, Hannah uploaded a video of 2-year-old Hathaway showing her support by dancing with a light stick, captioned ‘Great concert’ and ‘Daddy’s little fan.’

The actress was recently speculated to be pregnant with her third child but her agency has neither confirmed nor denied the statements even up till today but have only mentioned that they would ‘announce it if they had any good news.’

Photo: PBE Media

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