Jay Chou puts on a special performance to celebrate Hathaway’s birthday

The singer performed the self-composed song at his concert yesterday


Mandopop singer Jay Chou’s daughter, Hathaway Chou, celebrated her first birthday yesterday.

A mini party for the one-year-old was planned by Hathaway’s mother, Taiwanese actress-model Hannah Quinlivan. Hannah had taken it upon herself to make everything for the party herself, from Hathaway’s outfit to her birthday cake.

Meanwhile, Jay, who had a concert in Beijing, China on that day had a special surprise up his sleeve.

During his concert, the singer suddenly said, “Today is someone’s birthday! [Yes], my past life’s lover (referencing an old Chinese saying that all daughters were their fathers’ lovers in their past lives) will be celebrating her birthday today. I’ll play a special song as a present for her, and at the same time, I’ll see if you guys [know the lyrics well enough to] sing along to it.”

Jay then immediately headed to the piano on stage to play the opening notes of a song he had co-composed with Hathaway, ‘Lovers From The Past’.

The audience then began singing along to the song to celebrate Hathaway’s birthday. A fan even made an LED board with the words, “Happy Birthday, Hathaway” written on it.


Hannah, who was present at the concert as well, later posted a picture of the LED board on her Weibo, expressing her thanks.

“Hathaway, you’re really lucky! Daddy dedicated a song to you at his concert, and the older brothers and sisters at the concert also sang along to your song to wish you a happy birthday! I almost cried when I saw it happening before my eyes! Thank you for your birthday wishes, everyone! Thank you to whoever made this LED board [as well],” Hannah gushed in the caption.

Later, Jay also posted a picture of his family-of-three on Weibo, writing, “Wishing the lover from my past life a happy birthday. I hope you’ll become just like the rainbow cake mummy made, well-versed in a variety of fields (hopefully you’ll be able to master any musical instrument [you want]),” he laughed.

In the picture, Jay can be seen carrying his daughter, with his eyes full of paternal love. Hannah can also be seen smiling next to them, holding the birthday cake she made. Hathaway, whose face is obscured by a heart-shaped sticker is pictured reaching out to touch the baby pink cake as well.

Jay and Hannah tied the knot in 2015, and welcomed baby Hathaway in July the same year.

Photos: PBE Media

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