Jay Chou’s son looks just like him

5-month-old Romeo is said to have inherited Jay Chou’s mouth and brows

jay chou

Taiwanese actress Hannah Quinlivan recently enjoyed a day out with her 5-month-old son, Romeo. During their outing, the little boy’s face was captured on camera and his pictures was circulated on the internet.

Romeo, who was resting soundly in his babysitter’s arms, was said to have beautiful fair skin, like his mother. The little boy was also said to have the same eyes, brows and mouth as his dad, Jay Chou.

This was the second time that Romeo’s face was unknowingly exposed in public, following the accidental revelation of his face by fellow host Matilda Tao in a picture on her Facebook.

As Jay and Hannah have always been protective parents and would never post pictures of Romeo’s front profile, the disclosure of his identity remained a hot topic even after the picture was deleted.

However, Jay did not seem to mind as he said that “the photo was one that I specially picked to show everyone.”

Hannah and Jay also have another child, 2-year-old daughter Hathaway who they welcomed in July 2015, after getting married in January the same year.  

Photos: PBE Media

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