Jay Chou shows his love to Hannah Quinlivan on her birthday

With pictures of their matching couple wristbands and a birthday cake showing ‘Jay love Hannah’

jay chou

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou is taking the opportunity to spend quality time with wife Hannah Quinlivan before her Hollywood filming of Skyscraper begins in October. The couple were spotted vacationing in Thailand to celebrate Hannah’s 24th birthday (on Aug 12) and Jay, who is usually reticent about his personal life, took to Facebook to wish the love of his life a happy birthday after midnight.

The couple got married 2 years ago, but did not look any less in love to when they first started dating in 2010, as shown from Jay’s picture where he celebrated his wife’s birthday with a cake that read ‘Jay love Hannah’. He also proudly showcased their matching wristbands with each others’ names engraved in it.

“Happy 24th birthday to this beautiful mother!” wrote Jay, who also cheekily threw in that he looked 25 and dropped hints that his birthday was also coming soon.

Another piece of good news came in for the 38-year-old yesterday as his music video for ‘Love Confession’ surpassed 10 million  views on YouTube, making it the fastest Chinese music video to ever hit that record.

Jay and Hannah have a 2-year-old daughter, Hathaway, and recently welcomed their second child in June. Hannah’s newest film, British-Chinese action move S.M.A.R.T Chase, is slated to debut in September, while Jay is preparing for part 2 of  “The Invincible” concert, which will begin touring in January next year.

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Photos: PBE Media

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