Jeannie Hsieh revealed to be suffering from agoraphobia

Her manager confirmed that she requires a great amount of mental preparation prior to every performance or public appearance

Jeannie Hsieh revealed to be suffering from agoraphobia

Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh has lived her life in the spotlight – her father, entertainer Chu Keliang, was a prominent figure in the Taiwanese showbiz industry and as a result, his family’s every action has been under the watchful eye of the public.

Known for her colourful stage outfits and outgoing on-stage persona, it came as a surprise to many when her manager recently confirmed that the 43-year-old suffers from a fear of crowds, also known as agoraphobia.

Questions were raised when Jeannie was spotted donning a black jacket along with a cap pulled low to cover most of her face and hurriedly leaving her workplace on several occasions. Many wondered why she was avoiding people, which led to her manager stepping up to clarify that Jeannie’s actions were due to the anxiety she suffers when facing crowds of people.

Assuring that her condition is not serious to the point of her suffering from panic attacks, he continued that she has to prepare herself mentally prior to every performance or public appearance in order for her to be able to stand in front of so many people.

Her manager also shared that Jeannie tells herself, “The people I meet are all good and kind” in order to deal with her anxiety, and that she prefers to stay at home when she doesn’t have any work scheduled. Even when she has to step out of the house, she puts on a mask to minimise chances of herself getting recognised in public, and avoids eye contact with passersby as well.

Jeannie’s manager shared that her condition improved after being able to express herself with her music and dancing, and that the star also encourages those with similar issues to face their fears and try to overcome their anxiety together.

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