Jimmy Lin reveals the faces of his 5-month-old twin sons

The actor-singer’s twin sons are carbon copies of his younger self


Taiwanese actor-singer Jimmy Lin’s wife, model Kelly Chen gave birth to fraternal twins in December last year. Since then, the couple, who have an older son, Kimi Lin together, have been posting pictures of their lives together, revealing their picture-perfect family life.

However, 41-year-old has never revealed a full-frontal shot of the twin boys, after announcing that he’d like for his older son Kimi, to live life as a normal child. The 6-year-old first shot to fame with his appearance in the highly popular Chinese reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad?.

On Saturday, the actor-singer finally revealed his sons’ faces, and posted four pictures of the twins on his Weibo account to celebrate the milestone of 65 million followers on his Weibo account. The pictures were accompanied with the caption, “Sharing with everyone the incredible gifts we’ve received. They’ll be 6 months old soon, please wish for them to grow up happily and healthily!”


In the pictures, Jenson, who is older by a few minutes, and Kyson sport large, sparkling eyes and full cheeks, and seem to have inherited their parents’ good looks.

Jimmy even commented that Kyson looks just like him when he laughs, writing, “Kyson looks just like me when I was younger!”

Photos: PBE Media

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