Jimmy Lin’s wish on son’s 6th birthday: Return to your old self

Famous dad doesn’t want Kimi Lin to follow in his footsteps

Jimmy Lin 1

Singer, actor and star father Jimmy Lin, who shot to fame at age 17, hopes his only son, Kimi Lin, won’t have to grow up with excessive media attention and miss out on a normal childhood.

For Kimi’s sixth birthday celebration yesterday, the 40-year-old shared photos of the occasion and heartfelt messages with fans on Weibo. “Kimi’s birthday party was a success!” he wrote. “Thank you all for your concern for Kimi. I wrote him a letter when he turned four, and how I’ve written him another.

“I hope he can return to life before (becoming famous), but he will always be our pride and joy. Happy birthday to Kimi!”

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Jimmy and Kimi took part in the first season of hit Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?, a remake of the South Korean show Dad! Where Are We Going? The young Kimi became a household name after appearing on the series.

In his letter, Jimmy added that he wished Kimi would retain his own personality, and gave the youngster life advice. “Our birthday wish for you is that you’ll stay strong, kind and determined, and grow up happy.”

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