JJ Lin gets chummy with Jam Hsiao’s super-fan

The singer is said to be looking to break into the Hollywood market


Local singer JJ Lin, who is currently based in Taiwan, was recently spotted having dinner with a number of Hollywood big-wigs in Los Angeles, America 

The dinner was allegedly organised by Japanese heiress Yuki Kageyama, who hit the headlines three years ago because of her antics regarding Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao, whom she was a fan of.

Yuki was said to have moved into the same apartment building as Jam, and even attempted to deliver soup to him in the middle of the night. A series of court cases and countersuing soon emerged, with Yuki later declaring that she was “no longer a fan of Jam”.


In recent years, the heiress is said to have set her sights on JJ, investing a hefty sum of NT$5 million (approximately S$216 000) into JJ’s recent concert tour.

The dinner also included Taiwanese singer-actor Harry Chang from Da Mouth, which disbanded recently, and French director Chris Nahon, who directed the 2001 thriller, Kiss of the Dragon, amongst other guests.

When asked if Yuki had set her sights on JJ to get back at Jam, the heiress replied that she had admired JJ’s talent ever since the release of his album, ‘Lost N Found’ five years ago.


She also shared that Jam had a number of “terrifying people” by his side, and that she will not like him anymore.

Jam’s manager, Summer, was also asked if Jam would be uncomfortable, now that JJ and Yuki are getting chummy with each other. However, she replied, “As long as [Yuki] does not disturb us, we have no opinion [regarding her behaviour].”

Yuki also revealed that she was willing to invest NT$95 million (approximately S$4.1 million) to allow JJ to star in a Hollywood film. When asked to comment on the hefty investment, JJ’s manager would only say, “[We’re] thankful for her kind offer. If there’s a good script and production, we will definitely consider it.”


Photos: PBE Media

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