JJ Lin reportedly dissatisfied with record company

The singer is said to be displeased with the company’s biased behaviour


Local singer JJ Lin is said to be at loggerheads with his current record company, Warner Music. The singer announced in September that he had extended his contract with the company, only for new reports to surface this month claiming that the contract was not a full management contract.

It was reported that his new contract with Warner only covered his future musical releases, while the more lucrative day-to-day management contract went to his personal staff members.

According to the report, JJ was angry that the record company had gotten actor Mark Chao to act in the music video for labelmate Ricky Xiao in 2013, as he felt that the company had not given him their best resources.

However, the singer completely ignored the fact that the company had arranged for him to meet and have a discussion with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and given him the time and resources needed for him to record and release his experimental album, ‘From M.E To Myself’. The singer’s recent wins at the Golden Melody Awards was also due to the help of JJ’s record company, the report alleged.


As JJ’s original contract with Warner was due to expire in June, JJ had initially considered breaking off all connections with the company by not renewing his contract, and even sought the opinions of his close friends.

When asked to comment on the rumours regarding JJ’s partial contract renewal, the president of Warner Music China would only say, “[We] respect JJ’s decision”.

JJ’s new manager also did not elaborate more on the rumours surrounding his discord with Warner, and would only say that both parties enjoyed working with each other, and that “most artistes will choose to handle the management portion of their contracts themselves”.

Photos: PBE Media

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