JJ Lin’s fan takes her own life

Fan was said to be cyber-bullied

JJ Lin’s fan takes her own life

After getting embroiled in a few rumours of his relationship with a number of unidentified women last year, JJ Lin finds himself in the news again for supposedly causing two female fans to fall out and one of them to commit suicide.

According to Taiwanese media reports, said deceased female fan, who is identified as ‘Wu’, hung herself in a hotel room in Taipei last Thursday. She was dressed in a red dress and wore red lipstick, which due to superstition, is believed to be the colour of vengeance.

Wu also posted a suicide note and selfie on her Facebook which wrote: “Go to hell,” followed by the full name of her good friend, also a fan of JJ, whom she had a falling out with. She also wrote that her friend, identified as ‘Huang’, “should remember forever that you took a life with a few strokes on the keyboard. I hope that you will have a good sleep every night, I will be with you every night”.

Wu is said to be an ardent fan of JJ, spending more than NT$100,000 (estimated S$4,400) monthly to support JJ’s work and flying overseas to attend his concerts. She is said to have met JJ in person and have taken selfies with JJ at his house.

A conversation on messaging app Line also disclosed that Wu and Huang were arguing over a man they called ‘Lin’. The conversation showed Huang scolding Wu, “I will print out every lie of yours and give it out, you started this. I don’t wish to say that you lied to me that you didn’t contact Lin, or you didn’t do anything with Lin, I know you two did”.

It was said that Huang stole private pictures from Wu and proceeded to post a pixelated selfie of Lin and Wu on her Facebook account, threatening to upload the original clear picture.

JJ has yet to make any official response regarding this matter, or confirm if he is indeed ‘Lin’, but his manager expressed “pain and regret for the death of Ms Wu,” and that they will not be making anymore statements concerning this issue.

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