Jody Chiang cries at farewell concert

Singer marks end of 30-year career by locking microphone away during final show

Jody Chiang

Taiwanese folk singer Jody Chiang bid a tearful farewell to her fans and locked away her microphone on Sunday at Kaohsiung Arena after she performed the last show in her farewell concert tour.

The singer was so emotional she couldn’t bring herself to finish the last song on the programme, and broke down on stage.

Jody said that at the end of every show she’d feel intense heartache, and for that last show she didn’t force herself to hold back her tears. “The microphone in my hand was the only plaything I had when I was a child, and it’s also the most important thing in my life,” she said. “But today I’m clear it doesn’t belong to me anymore.”

And when the last song for the night, ‘The Warmth of Happiness,’ started playing, Jody cried as she sang it, and got so worked up she couldn’t finish the song. Then, a jewelled box appeared onstage. After taking a few deep breaths, Jody placed her microphone in the box and locked it, and bowed before the audience.

She thanked her fans for their support, and said, “This is all happening too fast, it’s like fireworks.”

“I don’t have other talents or achievements, but heaven gave me this voice and turned me into the happiest person on earth. Thank you for enjoying my music for so many years, and today I can proudly say, “Jody, you’ve lived your life well!’”

During the concert, Jody performed her hit ‘The Sound of Falling Rain’ and then said, “From Kaohsiung to Taipei, whenever I sing this song I think of my mother, because she passed away in Kaohsiung.”

“My songs are often based on the themes of family and home, and I hope this song will remind all of you that family is important.”

She added that filial piety thrives in Taiwan society, and many youths try hard to snag her concert tickets just so they can bring their parents or grandparents to watch her perform. “You must take care of your elders,” she told the audience. “Take time out to visit them or call them. Filial piety comes first.”

Jody's farewell concert tour opened on July 25 at Taipei Arena, and comprised 25 shows held around the island.

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