Jolin Tsai: Getting married doesn’t equate to happiness

It looks like Jolin Tsai won’t be making a trip down the aisle anytime soon

Jolin Tsai: Getting married doesn’t equate to happiness

Jolin Tsai has ruled out marriage in the near future, adding that she feels that you “have to know your own situation" (before making a decision)” because getting married doesn’t equate to happiness. The 36-year-old has been dating boyfriend Vivian Dawson for six years but only revealed the first photo of the pair together earlier this year.

Making an appearance at a brand event, she battled with the wind, which threatened to flip her ruffled skirt upwards multiple times. Despite her best efforts, her safety shorts were revealed when a strong gust of wind caught her by surprise.

Jolin Tsai: Getting married doesn’t equate to happiness

Sharing that she sometimes suffers from gastric pains, she added that her TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) physician advised her to drink chicken essence in order to help with her condition. In addition, she shared that she maintains her porcelain-like skin by making sure she consumes enough protein and drinks coconut oil, along with having sufficient sleep.

Chuckling, she added that she tends to lose her temper when she is sleep deprived and shared that it is likely that she did not get enough sleep the night before if she looks expressionless and doesn’t smile. As to whether she vents her anger on Vivian, she laughed, “I don’t!”

In addition, she shared that she is currently in the early stages of working on her upcoming album, which is only five per cent complete. She is currently in the midst of listening to demos and finalising the track list.


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