Jolin Tsai receives backlash for latest MV

Singer asked to give public apology

Jolin Tsai receives backlash for latest MV

Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai recently released her latest single ‘EGO-HOLIC’ along with its music video (MV) and received backlash over a series of bullying scenes in the video that featured three girls wearing the uniform of Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School. Students and staff of the school were deeply offended and proceeded to boycott the video, requesting an official apology from the singer herself by commenting directly on her Facebook page.

The MV is said to be helmed by Taiwanese music producer Starr Chen, who has claimed responsibility for it and apologised for involving Jolin in this fiasco. He said, “Please take your aim at me, I’m the target”.

Starr gave his take for featuring the school’s uniform in the MV and explained that a school’s reputation is not built on their uniform, saying, “I can guarantee that it would be impossible for the school to be affected negatively just because of one music video! The saddest part is about the way you love yourselves inside”.

In an attempt to appease the public, he hid the school name on the uniform in the MV by applying the mosaic effect, hoping that people would pay more attention to the music and the message he intende to bring across in the MV.

Jolin have not made any response regarding the matter, but her manager have expressed that they understood the feelings of the students and staff, and they urged Starr’s managing company to “sort out the misunderstanding amicably”.

The 36 year-old is currently in London to compete in a fondant cake competition and she reportedly stayed home for eight whole days to complete her Marilyn Monroe fondant cake masterpiece, which won her a gold medal in her category, an improvement from her previous silver medal.

She exclaimed, “Got a cash prize, yay! Two weeks of hard work just for her (referring to the cake)! Competition always drives me to the edge, [I] can’t not work hard!”

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