Jolin Tsai rules out reunion with Vivian Dawson

The singer’s not the type who’d get back with an ex


Chances of a reunion happening between ex-lovers Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson, who dated for six years and broke up three months ago, are close to zero.

At Japanese beauty brand Shiseido’s 60th anniversary event yesterday, reporters put Jolin’s love life in the spotlight again when they asked if she has any intentions to get back with her ex-boyfriend.

Although she refused to formally address the topic, the Taiwanese singer, who was visibly embarrassed by the question, replied, “I think it’s better to not comment on this matter, as it’d make headlines regardless of my replies.”

Jolin, however, indirectly ruled out the possibility of a reunion and said that she has “never” gotten back with an ex-boyfriend, in reply to a reporter’s “gossipy question.”

At the press conference, Jolin also shared that she has learned how to give herself less stress after succumbing to a bad cold in December last year. She was so ill she could not get out of bed and had to rely on willpower to fulfil a work appearance for a commercial event.

“I’ve learned how to forgive myself… to go easy on myself… when you hold on too tightly you tend to end up hurting yourself,” she said cryptically.

Reporters tried to dig further and asked the pop princess if her newfound enlightenment was applied to her recent breakup. Jolin shook her head and denied them of another headline-making story, saying, “[I] don’t have much thoughts about relationships.”

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