Jolin Tsai teams up with her mother for charity

The singer will release a song, ‘Rang Ai Chuan Chu Qu’ later today

Jolin Tsai teams up with her mother for charity

Jolin Tsai has been well-known for her charitable work since her debut as a singer. This year, she announced that she will be doing something special just in time for Mother’s Day – releasing a song, titled ‘Rang Ai Chuan Chu Qu’.

She first heard the song while she was working with NGO (non-government organisation) Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, where a children’s choir performed the song as part of an event. After hearing the song, Jolin was so moved by it that she asked the producer if she could rearrange and release it.

A spokesman from the organisation shared that they agreed as they hope that this song can have a butterfly effect and bring the message of sharing and love to a larger audience with Jolin on board.

The singer shared that she originally recorded two versions of the song, a heartwarming and an upbeat version, and left the decision of which version to use as the final to her mother. Her mother decided on the former, with the reason being that it is “very touching and has the right feel to it”.

What makes Jolin’s charity work special this time around is that both she and her mother will be promoting the cause together, and the 36-year-old has also let on that she hopes for this track to be a Mother’s Day present for the most important woman in her life.

Photo: Jolin Tsai/Facebook

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