Jordan Chan: I’m against my son entering showbiz

His declaration came as a surprise as he and Jasper are currently cast members of variety programme Where Are We Going, Dad?


Jordan Chan and his son, Jasper, have been making headlines since the duo joined the cast of Where Are We Going, Dad? for its latest season. The 4-year-old has become a crowd favourite for getting along well with the other children on the programme, along with his ability to tolerate his father’s short temper.

Jordan’s wife, actress Cherrie Ying, also revealed that Jasper has been reluctant to go for filming sessions and “has his unwillingness written all over his face” whenever he has to leave the house for them.

Netizens have also commented that it’s a wonder how Jordan and Cherrie, who are both acknowledged for their fiery tempers, were able to raise such a patient and loveable child such as Jasper, joking that he “must have grown up eating nothing but adorableness.”

In a recent interview, Jordan has expressed that he hopes to have a second child, a daughter, after starring on the show, saying that he hopes that his future daughter will be as cute as Will Liu’s baby girl, who is nicknamed ‘Little Puff’.

The 50-year-old also shared that prior to joining the programme as a fixed cast member, he used to watch Where Are We Going, Dad? and liked Huang Lei’s daughter, Christine (also known as ‘Duo Duo’) for being extremely sensible despite her tender age.


When asked about the possibility of Jordan joining showbiz as he grows older, Jordan declared that after their stint on the show, it’s highly unlikely that the little boy will be on more programmes as he is against his son joining the biz, and that his fans will have to be content with seeing pictures of him on Jordan’s Weibo account.

However, he went on to mention that if Jasper decides to be part of the entertainment industry in future, he will not stop his son from fulfilling his dreams. Prior to joining the programme, the protective father has never revealed his son’s face on social media.

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