Cherrie Ying’s dad was offended when Jordan Chan called him ‘uncle’

It turns out, Cherrie Ying’s dad is only six years older than his son-in-law


Bits and pieces of Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying’s lesser-known love story have been making headlines of late due to Cherrie and Jordan’s participation in a China variety series, Viva La Romance.

The show’s concept features four celebrity wives Cherrie Ying, Xie Na, Cheng Li Sha and Ying Er going on a “wives only” holiday while their husbands are invited to a separate studio to comment on their wives’ experiences.

In the first few episodes of the show, Cherrie revealed details about Jordan’s teary proposal and how he could hardly speak when he wanted to pop the question because he was overwhelmed with emotions. Eventually, it was Cherrie’s father who helped Jordan recover his composure when the older man jokingly piped, “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

In the latest episode of Viva La Romance, it was revealed that Cherrie’s dad was initially not supportive of her relationship with Jordan due to the wide age gap of 16 years between them.

To make things worse, Jordan didn’t leave a good impression on his father-in-law at their first meeting too, when he addressed him as “uncle”. Cherrie added that her father had immediately retorted, “Hold on! Don’t call me uncle! I’m only six years older than you” back then.

Cherrie's parents with their grandson Jasper

Before she brought Jordan home, Cherrie said that her parents didn’t think well of their relationship and her dad had instructed her to only introduce her boyfriend to them if she was serious about the relationship. “If we warm up to each other and you end up breaking up [with him], it would be awkward for me,” said Cherrie as she recalled her dad’s words.

Thankfully, Jordan proved that he was more than capable of caring for Cherrie and eventually won over her parents with his sincerity and love for their daughter.

Cherrie also shared that her dad had told Jordan to look after himself as he knew that his daughter was going to be “a handful” to deal with after marriage.

Jordan and Cherrie tied the knot in Hong Kong Disneyland in November 2010 after registering their marriage on Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas the same year. The couple has one son, Jasper Chan, 5.

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