Julian Cheung and family in London during London Bridge attack

The singer-actor took to Facebook to report his safety


Hong Kong singer-actor Julian Cheng and his wife, Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen, were in London on a family vacation with their 10-year-old son, Morton Cheung, when the London Bridge attack that left seven dead and dozens more injured occurred on Sunday (June 4) night.

A day earlier, on Saturday, the actor took to Facebook to do a live broadcast whilst having breakfast in London, where Morton enthralled viewers with his fluent English and antics.

The family-of-three were in the midst of watching a soccer match when the terror attack occurred and when news of the incident spread, fans of the celebrity family were understandably worried, as the whereabouts of Julian and his family were unknown.


The 45-year-old only learned about the attack after the match ended, and immediately took to Facebook to reassure fans that he was not affected by the attack.

“I saw from the news that people got injured at the London Bridge, I hope that everyone will be safe,” he wrote.

When asked about his thoughts on the attack at a promotional event in Hong Kong yesterday, Julian said, “I’m more sad rather than worried. It feels as if nowhere is safe in this world.”

Photos: PBE Media

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