Jung Kyung Ho discusses about plans to marry SNSD’s Soo Young

The actor says that they have decided to focus on succeeding in their careers first


South Korean actor Jung Kyung Ho and SNSD’s Choi Soo Young have been dating since 2013. With their relationship in a stable phase and the both of them at marriageable ages, Kyung Ho recently shared about his marriage plans to his girlfriend of five years.

Soo Young and Kyung Ho first became acquainted when they attended the same church and later went to the same university. The pair have been progressively open about showing their affection to one another and no longer hide their relationship from the public.

Kyung Ho was asked to describe Soo Young in a recent interview and he praised her kind personality as well as her ability to make the people around her happy. The actor also felt that she was a person with a warm heart and would constantly give him strength.

When asked whether he had any plans for marriage, he admitted that “he was looking forward to it as he knew he would feel more stable.” However, he said that the couple have come to the mutual consensus of only getting married after they achieving their respective goals in their acting careers.

“I want to help Soo Young start her acting career by being her stepping stone. I don’t want to burden her or disrupt her career with marriage,” said the 34-year-old actor.

Kyung Ho recently starred in the Korean television series Missing 9 and will appear in the upcoming series Wise Prison Life. Meanwhile, Soo Young is playing the lead in the show which recently premiered, Man Who Sets the Table.

Photo: PBE Media

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