Kai Ko dismisses rumours of him dating Korean model Irene Kim

He claimed that she was “just a friend”

kai ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently dismissed claims that he was dating Korean-American model Irene Kim, after the two were spotted behaving very intimately two days ago. He said that the pair were just hanging out as friends and added that his relationship with rumoured girlfriend, actress Tia Li, was still “very good.”

According to Taiwanese media, Kai was seen at a nightclub with Irene where the two seemed very close through their interactions, laughing and having a good time together. He was also said to have purchased a few bottles of high-end champagne so as to impress and win her over.

However, Irene’s company has since stepped up to deny these dating rumors, claiming that “she has a group of friends from various foreign countries, and Kai happened to be a member of that group."

Kai also gave the same response, where he said that she was “simply a friend of his designer, Hans’s, so they all hung out together during her visit to Taiwan.”

When asked about Tia, who he had been said to be romantically linked to since 2015, Kai simply expressed that their relationship was “still good and that they were doing okay.” The pair had been rumoured to have broken up in April last year, but were said to have reconciled in June this year.

The 26-year-old actor had also previously complained about the spotlight being on him for no apparent reason, when he was just “living his life.” He also lamented that being followed around by the paparazzi constantly left him with no privacy and no freedom, inexplicitly hinting that he was “sick of being an artiste."

Photo: PBE Media

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