Kai Ko: I was afraid I wasn’t good enough

The actor confessed to feeling the pressure for his comeback film, The Road to Mandalay

Kai Ko: I was afraid I wasn’t good enough

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko went through a rough patch in his career after his marijuana scandal in 2014. He landed his first assignment in January 2015 and has slowly made his way back into showbiz after a host of charitable projects.

He landed his comeback role in movie The Road to Mandalay, spending two months in Myanmar alone to integrate himself with his character, an illegal immigrant from Myanmar who crosses into Thailand to work. For his efforts, he has earned a nomination for the Best Actor for the upcoming Golden Horse Awards alongside heavyweights such as Tony Leung (Cold War 2) and Jacky Cheung (Heaven in the Dark).

Speaking to the press ahead of the awards, he confessed that the physical challenges of the role were nothing compared to the emotional struggle he went through, with the 25-year-old often “afraid that I wasn’t good enough”. He added, “I could handle the physical pains, but what was harder to deal with was the emotional stress.”

In response to questions on whether he called his rumoured girlfriend Tia Lee to share about his struggles, he would only say, “I signed a confidentiality agreement so I rarely made any calls back home.”

As to how he dealt with his emotional struggles after his drug scandal, he let on, “Friends could only keep me company, but I had to think things through on my own.” As to whether Tia was his pillar of support during his tough times, he chuckled, “Not really – Darren Wang spent more time with me than she did.”


The Road to Mandalay will be screened on Dec 1 as part of the Singapore International Film Festival. Director Midi Z, Producer Patrick Mao Huang and actors Kai Ko and Wu Ke-Xi will walk the red carpet at Marina Bay Sands, Grand Theatre at 7pm on December 1.

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