Kai Ko’s family business folds?

Rumour has it that business was affected after the actor’s drug scandal


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko’s family-owned restaurant, Whiple House, has ceased operations for the time being, sparking speculation that business might have gone downhill after the actor’s marijuana scandal in 2014, eventually causing it to fold.

The restaurant is mainly operated by the actor’s father, Ke Yao Zong, who posted several photos of the eatery on his Instagram a week ago along with the caption, “I actually can’t bear to leave!” . Fans flooded the post with comments, expressing their sadness over the closure of one of their favourite food joints as this was one of the rare places to spot Kai.

Responding to speculation, Yao Zong explained, “Business has always been good at the restaurant, but I’ve been managing the restaurant for quite some time, so I felt a little bored. We are still in the midst of discussions for the upcoming plans for the space, but the shop will definitely be undergoing renovation".

Kai made his comeback to the big screen last year, in critically acclaimed production The Road to Mandalay and the 25-year-old was nominated  for the Best Actor award at last year’s Golden Horse Awards alongside veteran actors Tony Leung and Jacky Cheung . The award eventually went to Chinese actor Fan Wei.

Photos: PBE Media

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