Ken Chu called out for “weight gain”

The singer sported a plumper body and face

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Taiwanese F4 member Ken Chu made an appearance at a concert last Sunday (Nov 26) and appeared to gained a considerable amount of weight. Netizens noted that not only was his body rounder, but his face and cheeks as well, commenting that “time waits for no man.” However, fans of the singer came to his defence, saying that he probably enjoyed himself too much on his honeymoon and urged the rest to spare him their harsh comments.

Ken, who was once a chubby kid, admitted on an episode of  reality show Burning Calories that he suffered from fatty liver which caused “endocrine disorders”, along with “problems in my internal organs.”  Therefore, he decided to slim down once and for all, not only for his health but also for his wife, Chinese actress Vivian Han.

“My wife is too pretty and slim, so I do not want her to look bad whenever I stand beside her in pictures,” Ken shared.

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The singer then went on to shed 18kg before his wedding, which took place last September on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Photo: PBE Media

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