Ken Chu: It was love at first sight

The singer-actor reveals more about his relationship with Vivian Han


Taiwanese singer-actor Ken Chu and Chinese actress Vivian Han have finally registered their marriage in both Taiwan and China, and the couple was recently spotted at a marriage registration office in Taipei, Taiwan.

The lovebirds were previously seen registering their marriage at Vivian’s hometown in Shenyang, China, two days after Ken proposed to Vivian at her birthday party on April 10 this year.

Ken was also spotted recording for a new game show a few days before he registered his marriage with Vivian in Taiwan, where he revealed that he had fallen in love with Vivian at first sight. The mutual attraction is why they decided to tie the knot “barely a year after they started dating”, Ken explained.

During the recording, which Vivian attended as well, Ken could not stop gushing about their relationship and even declared that it felt like a “dream come true” to be with Vivian.

At the end of the programme, Ken, who used to be part of the wildly popular idol group F4, also treated the audience to a live performance of 'Meteor Rain’, the hit song of their debut album.

Photos: PBE Media

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