Ken Chu proposes to girlfriend

The singer-actor popped the question with a heart-shaped diamond ring


Photos: PBE Media

Netizens have recently revealed pictures of Ken Chu’s proposal to his girlfriend, Vivian Han, at her 34th birthday party.

Ken was seen serenading the birthday girl with a birthday song from pictures of the celebration, but the highlight of the night was when he proposed.

The F4 idol first dedicated a song to Vivian and then sang ‘Qing Fei De Yi’ (‘Can’t Help Falling For You’), the theme song of Meteor Garden, a wildly popular drama from 2001, which he starred in.


Vivian gave a positive answer in the most creative way imaginable – she picked up a guitar and began singing ‘I do’, in reply to Ken’s proposal, and said, “My answer is in the song lyrics.”

After the couple held hands and hugged, the singer-actor gave her a bouquet of 99 roses, got down on one knee and said, “I don’t know what to say or do, all I can offer you is this. Whatever I eat, will be what you eat, and whatever I wear, will be what you wear as well. I hope you wouldn’t look down on me.”


“Please marry me!” said Ken as he choked back tears and presented her with a heart-shaped diamond ring.

The couple was reported to have applied to register their marriage a while back and never did give a straight answer when addressing marriage rumours, with Ken only saying that they “can be considered as married.”

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