Kiki Ting shares rare picture with Yoga Lin

The actress-model made a special exception for Valentine’s Day


Yoga Lin and Kiki Ting registered their marriage in the first week of January after a successful—and very public—proposal on Facebook in November last year. The private celebrity couple have kept their relationship on the down low ever since then - until Valentine’s Day came along.

Kiki posted a rare selfie picture of them goofing around in cute headgear from Disneyland and wrote: “This is an exception for Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s one just for laughs.”

Fans were tickled by the newly-weds’ comical expressions and hand gestures, especially Yoga’s choice of headgear which was a dinosaur mask of Toy Story character, Rex.

In reply to Kiki’s post, Yoga commented, “What? It’s Valentine’s Day? I’m dead…” much to fans’ amusement.

The 29 year-old singer and his wife are currently in the midst of preparations for their wedding ceremony, which will most likely be held by end of the year.

Photos: PBE Media

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