Lee Hom: I’m finally a doctor

The actor reveals that he has fulfilled his mother’s wish


Multi-hyphenate Lee Hom recently posted a picture of himself in full academic dress on social networking sites, revealing the honorary PhD degree awarded to him by his alma mater, Williams College in America.

On Saturday, the singer-actor had first posted a picture of a suit and shoes on Facebook, titling it, “Ironed my shirt! Shined my shoes! And ready for...”, leading his fans to anticipate what he was up to.

Later, he posted a picture of him dressed in a graduation gown, together with his degree, and wrote, “When I was a kid, Mom always wanted me to be a doctor. Today, I finally became one,” gleefully revealing his achievement.

The 40-year-old had gone back to Williams College to join his schoolmates for a performance, before receiving his honorary degree, according to reports.

Lee Hom, who had continued on with his studies after graduating from Williams College in 1998, had studied at the Berklee College of Music while juggling his music career. After he posted the picture of his degree, fans started leaving comments praising the singer-actor for his feat.

Photos: PBE Media

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