Leon Jay Williams’ wife gives birth to a baby girl

The Singapore-born actor spends a fortune on baby products in anticipation of his baby girl

Leon Jay Williams’ wife gives birth to a baby girl
Singapore-born actor Leon Jay Williams and his wife welcomed their baby girl Harper Ann Williams two days ago (Jan 26).

The 38-year-old had accompanied his wife Joyce on a regular checkup on Jan 26 before she was due to give birth to the baby the next day. However, Joyce’s water bag broke unexpectedly once they arrived at the hospital, causing her to go into labour immediately.

Taiwanese media reported that Joyce had a swift and smooth delivery at 11:30pm that night, giving birth to Harper who weighs 2.65kg.

Leon Jay Williams’ wife gives birth to a baby girl
Leon accompanied Joyce into the delivery room to film the entire process personally. After witnessing the tiring process of giving birth to their daughter, Leon was moved by his wife’s perseverance and could not express his feelings with words.

The first-time father was said to be so excited that he held his daughter in his arms throughout the night and did not sleep a wink. He also shared happily later that day, “Harper has very accentuated features just like me and she has a fair complexion just like her mother.”

Earlier media reports also revealed that the anxious father had spent more than NT$300,000 (approximately S$13,000) on products for their baby girl as soon as he learnt of his wife’s pregnancy half a year ago.

Leon had even purchased a baby walker that Harper can only use when she turns 2, showing his eagerness for his daughter’s growth.

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