Li Chen, Fan Bingbing celebrate ‘520’ day

‘520’ is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day

May 20th, or ‘520’, has become a day where couples in Chinese-speaking countries express their love for each other, as the numbers sound similar to “I love you” in Mandarin.

Celebrity couple Li Chen and Fan Bingbing were no different. The actor gave his fiancée presents to commemorate the special occasion, and the actress shared pictures of the gifts over Weibo.

Amongst the gifts she received, which include a bouquet of flowers and an intricately designed cake, her green customised handbag caught the eye of netizens for its unique design.

Besides having two life-like and adorable-looking pictures of cats printed on both sides of the bag, the zips on the bag were also designed with the couple’s initials, “LC” and “FBB”.

“Receiving presents always makes me so happy,” Bingbing wrote, and expressed her feelings using heart-shaped emoticons.

Upon seeing Li Chen’s sweet gesture, fans of the couple urged them to tie the knot quickly, and have adorable babies who can be nicknamed after them as “Xiao Bingbing” and “Xiao Chen Chen”.

The couple announced their engagement last September, and have yet to reveal any details about their upcoming nuptials.

Photo: PBE Media

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