Li Chen suffers minor head injury while filming ‘Keep Running’

The actor assured fans that he didn’t suffer any serious injury and will undergo treatment to ensure he makes a full recovery

Li Chen suffers minor head injury while filming ‘Keep Running’

Filming for the sixth season of Keep Running is well underway, but a minor hiccup happened during a filming session yesterday morning (April 16), when fixed cast member Li Chen suffered a minor head injury.

While on set at the Taiyuan Yingze Park in Shanxi, China, there was a segment where the cast members wore graduation gowns, but unexpectedly caused an accident when they started throwing their respective graduation caps in the air, and the actor ended up with a two-centimeter gash on his forehead.

The programme’s official Weibo account later posted an official clarification, sharing that they attended to Li Chen’s wound immediately, and that the injury wasn’t serious. Despite this, the staff insisted on accompanying him to the hospital for a checkup, where he was given the all-clear before filming resumed.

Li Chen’s work studio thanked the public for their concern and shared, “We’re following the recommended treatment process and (we hope that) he will make a full recovery soon! Thanks once again to everyone!”

He also posted an update on his personal Weibo, where he expressed, “I didn’t know this before, but in the future, I hope everyone pays more attention to this – when you’re throwing your graduation cap in the air, you have to be careful.”

Photos: PBE Media

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