Lin Chi-ling needs time to get to know Jerry Yan again

Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan were recently seen in Malaysia together, sparking off rumours that they have rekindled their romance

Lin Chi-ling

Former lovers Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan were rumoured to be rekindling their romance after the duo were spotted together in Malaysia over the weekend.

The pair were seen getting off a car and entering the same hotel in Malaysia separately and, according to onlookers, they were wearing matching sportswear at the gym and behaved almost like husband and wife, with Jerry watching over Chi-ling from behind while she signed autographs over the counter.

However, when contacted by the media to confirm speculations of a reunion, both parties gave conservative replies. Jerry expressed that they were “just friends reconnecting” and sought for privacy from the public, while Chi-ling’s agency replied that good news will be shared if they do get back together.

According to a close friend of Chi-ling, the model-actress is still in the stage of getting to know her ex-boyfriend again. Due to these circumstances and the public interest in their relationship, the 42-year-old is taking a wait and see approach, before officially commenting on their reunion – or not.

New rumours surfaced after photos of the ex-couple was published. Jerry was said to be the one who had initiated the reunion as he was almost 40 and decided that it was time to settle down, Taiwanese media reported. At the same time, he also wanted to fulfil his ageing mother’s wish of having grandchildren.

Fans were not the only ones happy about the possible “reunion of the century” as Chi-ling’s mother also could not hide her joy after she heard the speculations that they were getting back together.

According to Taiwanese media, she mentioned in an interview that she “liked their friendship even after their breakup” and shared that she “enjoyed his company whenever he came over to her house.”

“They have been friends for very long now so anything is possible, even a reunion. If they think that it is okay, I would share the same thought as well and be supportive,” her mother said.

The couple had dated for six years before going their separate ways in 2006. They have constantly been surrounded by rumours of them getting back together and were even said to have gotten married in secret, but these claims have since been denied by both parties.

Photo: PBE Media

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