Linda Chung cries over daughter

The actress misses her daughter too much during her solo trip back to Hong Kong

Linda Chung paid $35,000 an hour now

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung may be back in Hong Kong for only two days to attend an event but the new Mother is already suffering from separation anxiety. She misses her baby daughter, Kelly Leung, too much that admitted to have cried numerous times.

As this is her first time being away from Kelly for such a long time, Linda revealed that she cried at home and in the aeroplane "for so many hours”.

When asked about life after becoming a mother, she said that she felt “very happy” taking care of Kelly by herself--without hiring a nanny--and was proud that she is a very calm mother. The 32 year-old also said that her husband, chiropractor Jeremy Leung would always lend her a helping hand.

She also expressed that “it was really difficult at first, because [I] was not used to it, but after two weeks to a month, it got a lot better” when she touched on the topic of breast feeding.

Linda added that she left 260 ml worth of breast milk for Kelly before she left Vancouver, Canada, and that she was able to slim down after giving birth because “breastfeeding once will burn 15 calories, so breastfeeding more will make me slimmer!”

Unfortunately, the TV darling will not be returning to the small screen anytime soon as she will be limiting herself to attend events with shorter durations, so as to spend more time with Kelly. When asked if she agreed to attend this event due to the high pay, she said firmly, “I had to come, money is not of priority, I don’t talk about money!”

Linda has no plans to have a second child currently and she hopes to focus on recovering and resting her body from labour.

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