Liu Yifei fosters 30 cats in her backyard

The animal-lover often takes in stray cats that she sees on the streets


Chinese actress Liu Yifei definitely wakes up to one of the more unique backyard views in China.

The actress recently uploaded a picture of her spacious backyard, with netizens expressing surprise at the unusual sight that greeted them.

In the picture, close to 30 cats of varying sizes and colour are gathered around the pathways, gobbling up their kibble.

According to reports, Yifei and her mother has always taken in stray cats to raise in their backyard whenever possible. Additionally mother-daughter duo also makes sure to bring the cats for regular check-ups at the vet, as well as neuter them, ensuring their health and safety.

A couple of die-hard fans also revealed that at one point in time, Yifei and her mother actually had up to 60 cats in their backyard.

“After nursing the cats back to health, they will take the cat in to raise as their own,” the fans revealed, adding that they will pass on some of the cats to their friends or fans who have the capability to rear cats.

After seeing the picture of all the different cats, a number of netizens praised Yifei for her kind heart, adding, “The cats all look very plump, they’re definitely leading a good life.”

Photos: PBE Media

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