Louis Koo recovering well following eye injury

The actor received eight stitches after hurting his eye

louis koo

Hong Kong actor Louis Koo eased the minds of many fans yesterday after revealing on Weibo that he was currently recovering well after injuring his eye while filming new movie Dynasty Warriors.

The actor received eight stitches on his eye and though the injury was not serious, Louis said it would take at least three weeks to heal fully.

“I am pleased to inform everyone that my eye is currently making very good progress and it has been confirmed that my vision will not be obstructed. Thank you all for the concern,” the 47-year-old wrote.

Louis had previously shared that even though his vision was stable and that his retina seemed unharmed from the injury, he would only be able to confirm whether his vision would be affected after getting his stitches.

He also needed to wear sunglasses whenever he made appearances at events to prevent the wound from getting infected.

The 47-year-old actor recently shared the stage with fellow actress Jessica Hsuan at the Elle Style Awards on Nov 3, prompting many fans to relive memories of the 2001 television series, A Step into the Past, which the pair co-starred in.

Photo: PBE Media

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