Lynn Hung goes into fashion business

Model-actress starts a sportswear label with the support of her husband

Lynn Hung businesswoman

Former model-actress Lynn Hung is now a businesswoman, reported Hong Kong Media. The 36-year-old has created her own sportswear label and personally oversaw all aspects of the business such as the design process and quality control for the garments manufactured.

On top of that, she also sourced for designers, visited garment factories and hired workers for the business on her own.

A few days ago, the fashion entrepreneur was seen carrying and moving heavy boxes of clothing from her vehicle to her office, and clearly had no qualms getting her hands dirty.

At one point, Lynn was seen struggling to close the grill gates of the lift with one hand while juggling a box in the other hand without help.

During an interview with the media, the newly-married Mrs Ken Kwok revealed that she started this business after a conversation she had with her husband. According to Lynn, she lamented the lack of variety in sportswear design and was encouraged by Ken to start a label of her own.

Running a business has been no bed of roses and Lynn remarked that it was “even more stressful” than having to act or catwalk. “To be honest, I have thoughts of giving up all the time. It’s too tough! I’ve been crying every day,” the first-time business owner added.

Lynn and Ken registered their marriage in October 2016 after dating for two years. Before she got together with Ken, she was in a relationship with Aaron Kwok for seven years before they parted ways in 2013.

Photos: PBE Media

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