Lynn Hung reveals wedding photos

The actress and her husband explore different themes for their wedding photoshoot

  Lynn Hung reveals wedding photos

Hong Kong based model and actress Lynn Hung has kept her fans excited for her upcoming nuptials with the release of her wedding pictures. Two weeks ago, she posted a video of her and husband Ken Kwok, younger brother of Hong Kong actress Kenix Kwok, rehearsing for their first dance her personal Weibo.

The couple’s photoshoot at Macau had a number of themes varying from oriental to an outdoor pool party. Lynn declared that Ken, a businessman, was surprisingly comfortable being in front of the cameras despite not being exposed to the public eye often. The 36 year-old actress proudly shared in a post-photoshoot interview that Ken knows how to look good in photos and did not need any coaching from her.

Lynn Hung reveals wedding photos

The series of photos were styled with the main colours black and gold, Lynn wore three dresses: a gorgeous white wedding dress, a traditional cheongsam and a high-necked white sleeveless dress, while Ken wore two suits, one in black and one in white. The pictures also showed their five-tiered wedding cake in the background.

The couple also had their pictures taken at an outdoor swimming pool decorated with colourful balloons and floats. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of Ken’s toned, tanned body and Lynn in a bathing suit.

Lynn Hung reveals wedding photos

Lynn had so much fun during the photoshoot that she remarked, “I got reminded of the times when we were still dating. I think I bullied him then (and) he was a lot nicer to me (than I was to him)”.

Lynn also shared that she binged on the local food in Macau without worrying that she had to stay slim for the photoshoot. She chuckled, “Dieting is useless (for me), I have to eat when I’m hungry. I wanted to work out before the shoot but I was too busy preparing for the new movie so I didn’t. I only realised that I gained weight when I tried on the wedding dress”.

However, a little weight gain did not affect the cheery mood of the bride-to-be as she continued, “I feel happiness every day; I’m not as nervous people thought I would be”.

Lynn and Ken registered their marriage after announcing their engagement this March. No further details have been revealed about their upcoming wedding, which is rumoured to be in December.

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