Lynn Hung shares maternity shoot photos

The Hong Kong-based Chinese model is in the final trimester of her pregnancy

A heavily-pregnant Lynn Hung released photos from her maternity shoot she did with her husband, Hong Kong businessman Ken Kwok, on social media yesterday, and shared her reasons for the shoot.

The 37-year-old model, who is believed to be eight months pregnant, looked positively glowing in a sleeveless maxi dress which accentuated her pregnancy curves and showed off her slender limbs.

In one of her pictures, Lynn could be seen posing with Ken and giving a blissful smile while she held her baby bump, with Ken supporting her from the back.

“I hope in the future, these photos will prove that we brought our child into the world with love,” she wrote.

While she is excited for her baby’s arrival, Lynn mused that she will miss the maternal bond she shared with her child during pregnancy.

To prepare herself for the birth of her child, Lynn also consulted some of her friends, all of whom are mothers themselves, for maternal advice. The model added that she will “take things one step at a time”, as she does not want to put pressure on her family and her unborn child.

Lynn also sang praises of her husband and quipped that she has married “the right guy”, because he showed even more care and love for her after she got pregnant.

Lynn registered her marriage to Ken in 2016 and announced news of her pregnancy in November last year.

Photos: PBE Media

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