Mayday fans not amused by ex-drummer’s April Fool’s joke

The band’s current drummer took to his Facebook to clear things up


On April Fool’s Day this year, Mayday’s ex-drummer, Qian Youda (also known as Uncle Da), announced on his Facebook page that he was rejoining the band, to the surprise of many.

Though he later announced that it was just an April Fool’s joke, many fans were displeased by the joke.

A few days later, Mayday’s current drummer, Guan You posted on his Facebook, revealing that he was not informed by Youda before he posted his joke. It was only when he started receiving multiple calls and texts from concerned friends and family that he realised that someone had “played a very big joke on me.”


Although he knew that it was just a joke, Guan You expressed that his family had experienced discomfort because of it, as “there was some questionable language used in the comments.” Guan You’s wife was also constantly fielding calls regarding the matter.

Many fans left supportive comments on Guan You’s online post, commenting that “respect and courtesy is a basic thing to have,” while some asserted that “Mayday will not be Mayday without you”.

Later, Youda’s wife also took to her Facebook to share that the person who had posted the joke was not Youda himself. The person in-charge of the page was a good friend of the couple, and they had thought that the joke was humorous at first.

Youda’s wife expressed her apologies for going overboard with the joke which has unwittingly caused distress to Guan You and his family. She also clarified that she had not received any hate comments because of the fiasco, though she will still accept any criticisms that came her way.

“I’m very thankful to Mayday for allowing my husband to be able to stand on stage and perform. Like many other people, their songs were the anthem of my youth.”


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