Mayday fans upset over lack of song credits on ‘I Am a Singer’

The show made the blunder on more than one occasion


The production team of Chinese singing competition, I Am a Singer, found themselves embroiled in a wave of controversy as they failed to credit the original singers of the songs used on several occasions. Mayday fans were particularly upset as band member Ashin was uncredited both times when a song he had written and sang was performed on the show.

The fans took to the show’s official website and commented, “What did Ashin do to deserve this disrespect?” Some even took it further and wrote, “Ban Mayday songs on the show if you got the guts.”

The show also failed to credit Taiwanese band, Lion, and singer Sandy Lam just to name a few.

Both the affected singers and I Am a Singer’s production team have yet to respond to these reports.

Photos: PBE Media

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