Mayday’s Ashin gets asked about his sexuality

The group guested on a live radio show and were posed questions from their fans

Mayday’s Ashin gets asked about his sexuality

Mayday recently guested on a live radio show, where they were posed questions from their fans as part of the programme.

The last fan surprised many with her question, with her question of “Are you interested in males or females?” directed to Ashin. Masa burst out laughing after hearing the question, with the rest of the members joining in to poke fun at Ashin.

The 40-year-old chimed in after a few minutes with a short, “Don’t try to help me cover or answer [the question]” directed to his members before continuing, “To be honest, I’ve been asked this question a lot. I don’t mind being asked this a thousand, ten thousand or a billion times, but I’ll always give the same answer: Mind your own business.”

His unexpected answer caused the entire group to burst out laughing, with netizens leaving comments such as, “Ashin’s domineering air hasn’t changed”, “After going around the mulberry bush, his answer is still the same” and “Darn, I still have the same number of competitors for his love”. Others have chimed in that his sexual orientation does not matter and that what’s important is for him to produce good music.

Mayday has been active for close to two decades and has seen its members getting married one by one. The only singleton left is Ashin, whose past rumoured girlfriends were said to look more boyish.

Photo: PBE Media

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