Mayday’s Monster pays tribute to late mother after concert

The band’s leader mourned the loss of his mother after the countdown concert in Taiwan


Taiwanese rock band Mayday wrapped up their Just Rock It RE:Live concert at the Taipei Arena two days ago (Jan 1), and band leader Wen Shang-Yi (commonly known as Monster), broke the news on his Facebook yesterday (Jan 2) and announced the passing of his mother in a lengthy post.

The guitarist disclosed that his mother, affectionately known to fans as Monster Mum, passed away in December after being bedridden for 12 years and he was delivered the bad news just before a concert rehearsal.

He wrote, “I brought some beer and an all-access pass for her to ‘invite’ her to the concert, to visit the five boys she misses and the fans who wished her well, so I have to perform well for all nine shows and leave no regrets”.


The 40 year-old also reposted a live music video of their song, ‘Dokodemo Door’ (also known as ‘Ren Yi Men’) as a tribute to his mother and said, “I would always tear when we sing ‘Dokodemo Door’ at every show, thank you everyone for going through this with me”. The song is written as a memory of their early band days and reflects their time spent together with Monster’s mum.

Despite his grief, the dedicated band leader turned up for every rehearsal and refrained from speaking to the crew members about his mother’s passing as he did not want to affect their mood.

After Monster’s Facebook post, fellow band member Ashin reposted the music video and wrote a lengthy post which said, “She (Monster’s mother) was always optimistic, humourous and friendly, sharing only the good and keeping the bad from us. Only such a special mother would be able to bring up such an awesome son”.

Photos: PBE Media

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