Michelle Chen denies one-night stand with Anthony Neely

The Taiwanese actress was rumoured to be one of the stars Anthony Neely cheated with


Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen denied rumours that she was sexually involved with Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely, after he confessed to cheating on his wife ViVi with several female stars in showbiz.

Anthony was previously revealed to be cheating on his wife with Taiwanese singer Kris Kuan, whom he met while working on a musical together.

Afterwards, the singer admitted that besides Kris, he also had affairs with four other female stars. One of those was an “A-list female celebrity” whom he shared a one-night stand with in Beijing two years ago.

The 31-year-old singer previously described the A-list celebrity as someone with a “fresh image” who acted in several movies and dramas.

After his revelation, netizens attempted to connect the dots, and speculated that Michelle was the one the singer was involved with.

The actress was Anthony’s co-star in 2012 romantic comedy titled The Soul of Bread, and was also known for her “fresh image” after starring in popular Taiwanese romance film You Are the Apple of My Eye in 2011.

Michelle’s agency has since released an official statement denying the rumours, saying that Michelle is “not involved in the family affairs of other people”.

Fans of Michelle also defended the star, pointing out that the filming times of The Soul of Bread did not fit what Anthony described.

Besides Michelle, Anthony’s co-star from 2013 comedy Faithball, Taiwanese actress Chantel Liu, was also suspected to be the celebrity involved.


Chantel’s agency had similarly refuted the rumours, and revealed that “Chantel had never been to Beijing before.” They also demanded for Anthony to clear her name and clarify the matter.

Photos: PBE Media

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